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About the session


Most of the time I shoot outdoors, we can come up with a location together or I can suggest some places for you to choose from. I have a handful of favorite locations depending on the type of shoot we are going to do ( Urban, funky, scenic, etc ).

Sessions are scheduled either in the morning or late afternoon. Before the shoot be sure not to let kids have any red juices or bright colored suckers.



Skin is in!!! Who dosen't love a newborn showing their wrinkles and rolls. Of course, any special outfits you have, you are welcome to bring. Keep clothes simple! Diaper covers photograph well on newborns. If you like patterns, be careful they don't overwhelm the main subject......the baby. No shoes required, their feet have a big impact in pictures. Lotion the baby up before the shoot. If the parents are getting in on the action wear a black sweater or tank top and make sure those nails look good ladies. These sessions are lifestyle or studio.




Have fun!! Don't shy away from color. Do however, stay away from small patterns like gingham, and small stripes as they usually don't photograph very well. Hats, headbands and scarves are great to bring along. Jeans, overalls, sun/slip dresses, and boots are always great..... rain boots, cowboy boots, fashion boots. Converse for both girls and boys are awesome. Always bring at least two outfit changes. For girls anything that is Matilda Jane style is great. I can recommend a few stores too.


Jeans with converse style shoes or dark shoes work well ( big white tennis shoes seem to stand out more than the subject)

Layering is awesome especially for fall shoots. A cool jacket with a plain scarf looks great.


Leggings with boots and a funky top works well. Layering different textures and colors is always a hit. Stay away from shirts with big logo's on the front.


Stay away from solid black!! Unless it's a shirt under a jacket.




For families, don't put on exact, matching outfits, but do wear clothes in a similar color family and with similar style. For example, you could wear neutrals or pastels or brights, and the style could be casual, dressy, beachy, etc. so remember, blend but don't be too matchy-matchy. Even if you wear neutrals, pops of color in a scarf or accessory are always nice.


Choosing the perfect outfit


It never hurts to bring a few outfits or accessary pieces that you are considering and allow me to help you make some choices on what would best suit the look and feel you are going for in your portraits and what would look best on camera. I also will have on hand a few items such as scarves, hats, etc, that you are welcome to incorporate into your session.


About using your own camera


Each session will last 1 to 2 hours and I want us to have a lot of fun and enjoy the shoot, while also getting those wonderful shots you will love for years to come. I know sometimes it is tempting to bring your own camera or use cell phones during the session, but I ask that you leave all the photography up to me at the session and resist the temptation to use your own camera. The distractions will slow down the shoot and keep us from getting the best shots. These photo shoots can be pretty fast paced because we are working with natural light and our time is limited, so the more focused we can be on the photographer's instructions, the better your shoot will be. Now get ready to have a fun shoot!!



Special notes


~ Allow up to 1 week for your pictures to be edited

~ Allow 1 to 2 weeks for orders to be processed once payment is received

~ Orders must be paid in full by cash, check, or all major credit cards

~ Your session fee is due on or before your session date

~ Prices are subject to change without notice; however, prices will be locked at the time the session is booked

~ Sadie Ford Photography maintains all copyright ownership of all images produced as of the portrait sessions. Images may not be reproduced for any reason without permission from photographer

~ All images are copyright of Sadie Ford Photography

~ Travel fee's may apply for distances outside 30 miles of Woodstock.

~ Gifts certificates are also avaliable.

~ A fee of $35 will be charged for any returned checks.